>>  Remote Controlling of Power devices through Modem GSM : 


>> Modeling and simulation of Intelligent Traffic Lights system, Smart City:

>>  Modeling a Realistic City with VANET-Enabled Intelligent Traffic Lights using OMNET++, SUMO and Veins:

>>  Reducing Vehicles Traveling Time Using V2X in Realistic Large Scale City:

>>  Improving the “Smaract” Micro-Gripper with Piezoelectric Actuator:


 >> Laboratory  Induction  Furnace :


Designing and implementation of Digital and Magnetic Furnace with ability of heat control with different  frequencies  and controlling the temperature , With PWM , IGBT.

This  Furnace can Melting for example a Screwdriver in less than 60 seconds.

>> Designing and Modeling Future Welding WorkCell:



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